SIP Trunk


Use our inbound and outbound voice services without emptying your pockets. A1Routes offers affordable, high quality and highly reliable SIP Trunk for your office needs. You can easily configure our SIP Trunk with your existing PBX system. With no minimum spend, commitment or contract. A1Routes SIP trunk is one of best no-frills voice service in the industry.

A1Routes delivers audio in shortest hops possible. But, if your SIP equipment is behind notorious NAT that causes one way audio or no audio issue, we can help you get around those issue by relay audio via known IP address so, you can whitelist that in your firewall.

Fraud Control

A1Routes provides best in industry and easy to use fraud mitigation tools

1. Disable outbound SIP credentials

a. Enable IP authentication to allows call on your account from only whitelisted IP addresses.

2. Maximum Outbound Rate

a. Block any call that cost more than set maximum rate in control portal.

3. Blocked call Alerts

a. When a call is attempted on your account and was blocked due to restriction set by you get email alerts.

4. Destination Restriction

a. You can whitelist/black list destinations of your choice using our easy to use Destination restriction feature in control portal.


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