Cloud PBX, also known as hosted PBX or virtual PBX, is an IP-based PBX solution that's provided and accessed completely through the internet. Instead of hosting software on a server the way digital systems do, cloud PBX hosts all software and data in the cloud.

Benefits of A1 Routes Cloud PBX

  1. Cloud PBX systems are cheaper and more flexible than on-site and traditional landline systems.
  2. No Need to invest in expensive on site hardware,
  3. No onsite installation is required.
  4. Set up and Manage the PBX from anywhere in the world
  5. Global mobility (Have offices of different locations connected to same PBX)
  6. Tailor define the PBX features that suits your business needs
  7. Upgrade or Downgrade, add or remove functionalities anytime from anywhere
  8. Cancel anytime with No Contracts
  9. Manage your billing profile through our user management portal
  10. Cloud PBX solutions also offer several valuable features, like unlimited calling, call queues and automated attendants.
Simultaneous call - 10
Price - $99.99
Simultaneous call - 25
Price - $199.99
Simultaneous call - 50
Price - $299.99